What Is LASIK Surgery?

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LASIK surgery is a common procedure that reshapes the cornea to correct vision problems. The cornea covers the front of the eye and helps focus light onto the retina. When the cornea is not shaped correctly, light enters through the front of the eye and is distorted. People who experience blurry vision, especially at close range, can benefit from LASIK eye surgery to correct these visual issues.

A LASIK surgeon will evaluate your eyes before performing the procedure. Your cornea needs to be in good shape. If you have a history of ocular herpes, you might not be a good candidate. If you have collagen vascular disease, you should also consult your physician. Your doctor will be able to provide you with information about the procedure. Once you’ve met with a LASIK doctor, you’ll be ready to schedule the procedure.

LASIK eye surgery is performed by removing microscopic amounts of tissue from the cornea. This is the difference between PRK and LASIK. PRK removes the outermost layer of the cornea, which causes a longer recovery time. LASIK surgery can be performed with or without a protective contact lens. Patients who have had a previous eye surgery should avoid it if they have a history of eye disease.

LASIK eye surgery is safe and effective. A majority of patients return to driving within a day or two following the procedure. Depending on the severity of the eye condition, a person can even resume driving after a few days. During recovery, a LASIK surgeon can perform LASIK eye surgery on only one eye or both eyes at the same time. Ultimately, a patient’s vision can be corrected in just a few days.

LASIK is a common surgery for reshaping the cornea. Patients typically wear a protective contact lens during the procedure and will have to wear a protective eyewear for the remainder of the day. After the surgery, a patient may experience temporary vision loss and need several days to recover. During the first consultation, Dr. Choate will determine which treatment is best for them.

LASIK eye surgery in Nashville is performed under a microscope in the doctor’s office. The patient is positioned in a reclining position under the laser. A topical anesthetic is used to numb the eyelids. The eye is held open and closed using a holder during the procedure. A suction ring is used to lift the cornea. This helps to keep the eye from moving during the surgery.

LASIK surgery is a relatively simple procedure. Patients are reclining under a laser for the procedure. The doctor will use a special LASIK device to guide the laser. A flap is placed over the eyelids to keep them from blinking and closing. The suction ring will lift the cornea and prevent it from moving. The ring may feel like a finger being pressed on the eyelid, but this will not interfere with the procedure.

LASIK is performed while the patient is reclining under the laser. A topical anesthetic is used to numb the eyelids, but patients may experience pain during the procedure. Once the surgery is complete, the patient will wear a protective contact lens. They should also wear sunglasses for the first few weeks following the surgery. These precautions are designed to protect the eye and ensure safety.

LASIK is performed with the patient reclining under a laser. A topical anesthetic is applied to the eyelids to prevent them from blinking. The eyelid holder will hold the eyelids open to prevent any blinking. The suction ring will hold the cornea in place. This can cause some temporary loss of vision. The procedure can be performed on any individual.

LASIK surgery in Nashville TN allows patients to drive immediately after the procedure. It is possible to drive one eye after the surgery and can reduce the need for glasses. However, you should check with your insurance provider to see if you can qualify for LASIK eye surgery. Some insurance companies may cover this procedure, but not all. For more information, contact a qualified LASIK clinic in Nashville TN.